"Shock people with the dream in your heart,"

and then impact them with your dedication to what’s in your hand.
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Established in the City of Angels
— In the State of California
In God We Trust
In God We Trust


About The Movement

We only live once which is only one life we live, and that is why I decided to start a movement. A movement that empowers people to step away from the mediocre living to a purpose filled lifestyle by building yourself and branding yourself. Launching a business can be very intimidating, and at the same time costly, so an ideal candidate would most definitely have to be someone who has a vision and wants to step out of the ordinary and into the Extraordinary.  An individual that wants to challenge the status quo and who has no idea where to begin or who to ask for advice.  As well as a person who has great talent, skills, and is eager to establish themselves as an entrepreneur.  

If this sounds like you, then I think it's time you got acquainted with Own The Throne Management. Welcome. Let’s Begin…

Own the Throne Management is a purpose driven movement in art, self management & empowerment.

Self Management is an Art.  We empower people to obtain their vision in business & provide them with the guidance they need to prepare them in launching themselves!  Recreating yourself to walk out your purpose requires an Army, We will equip you! 


Our Four Core Values


OTT Lives in helping others to maintain their existence and to be able to provide for oneself through purpose driven work, so that they can live through the passion of their gifted talents.


OTT has nothing but concern and unconditional love for the well-being of others. Love! it's what we are assigned to do, which helps turn the dream into a reality.


OTT stands with others who want to be victorious; and gain the victory by conquering tasks needed to succeed in  their calling.


OTT is a social movement where the community shares a common cultural & historical heritage  in art, film, music, dance, finance, business & leadership.

The Members

In God We Trust

“Traveling the path of Victory together with you.”

#TRUTH  |  #Ownthethronemovement

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Established in the State of Great Depression
— Liseli Thiele
Our First Logo

I was staring at fear straight in the face on November 22,2010, when a revelation came to me at my tiny studio apartment in Marina Del Rey.  Months before, I had gone to the doctor only to be told that I needed surgery to remove a mass they believed to be cancerous. Now the night before the surgery had arrived; the stress, the guilt and the fear were all weapons I had forged against myself which ultimately took me to a place where I would meet God. As I stared around the room, all I could see were broken down chairs that I had found on craigslist, with a plan to reupholster, paint and sell for extra cash in order to pay off the medical expenses.  That same night A voice said, "Come on L, Own Your Throne."  This would be the start of a powerful awareness that I came upon....

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